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cooler ranch


A Project by Cooler Gallery and Treiber Farms

Treiber Farms does everything by hand. They are reviving the craft of farming as a creative collaboration with nature’s raw materials: seeds, soil, water, sunshine, and sweat. Their 60-acre fields on Long Island’s North Fork  use sustainable methods and resourceful ingenuity to produce a wide range of flavorful foods for local chefs and eaters. Treiber Farms mission has always been that of Simplicity, Sustainability, Resourcefulness, and No Straight Lines.

Cooler Gallery has partnered with Treiber Farms to create an artist residency on the farm - the main studio structure designed by artist Allan Wexler. This is Cooler Ranch.

We will specific artists to use the Cooler Ranch as their temporary art studio on the pasture. Artists will be surrounded by a working organic farm and encouraged to take inspiration from and impact the farm itself with their work with large permanent works.  As a general guideline, pieces should engage the farm, should incorporate ideas of material/form/space/color/texture/sustainability/simplicity/resourcefulness, and genuinely inspire delight or reflection.


Cooler Ranch

at Treiber Farms

38320 County Rd 48,

Peconic, NY 11958

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