Cooler Gallery

Daniel van der Noon

ŃêW Ÿørk

Artist in Residence

June 5-26, 2018

Opening Party June 26th 6-10pm

Further developing his lively artistic process, over the course of a 3-week residency - with an opening reception on June 26th 2018 – Daniel will be showcasing his original visual reaction to New York City. 

An alchemic approach to drawing, Daniel often combines far-out media – found objects, feathers, stickers and grounded lapis lazuli – together with more traditional illustration elements to develop his drawn collages. At times meditative others curiously frantic, the drawings somehow find calm where there is chaos. Inspired by cities, their contents, and, most pertinently, the people whom populate them, there can also be found a strong degree of interest in the life of buildings, architecture and windows often demonstrated through his Muji 0.38/0.5 pen ink drawings.

One of the aims of the residency is to stimulate, share and exchange ideas about the materials we employ when creating images. Given the serendipitous nature of NYC this will inevitably lead into dramatic expressions of the city, that Daniel will demonstrate through ever more playful and radical media. 

As well as processing the city on street level, Daniel will also be drawing on the city’s deep cultural past – referencing the force of beings who have illuminated NYC’s character, and those who have influenced its essence from Alexander Hamilton, Robert Rauschenberg and Moondog to Elston Howard and Iris Apfel.

Researching historical, contemporary and urban stories, the drawings, collages and compositions will show NYC in a new light sharing an experience of NYC in a brand new but familiar medium. 

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