Cooler Gallery

Huy Bui


A Structure for Hope and Survival


Opening Tuesday, 6/6 7-10pm

We are living in precarious times where human greed and ignorance threaten the very existence of life on Earth.  It is our moment as humans to reflect on ourselves and confront a destination once thought as fiction that is now our probable future. The sixth extinction is in progress but our potential to problem solve is remarkable.  Our actions and policies in the next generation will determine the fate of the species for hundreds and thousands of years to come.  

The Structure for Hope and Survival is a framework of organizing artifacts, tools, supplies, seeds, plants and provisions.  The abridged collection of how-to’s, catalogs, and books to inspire and build courage and the skills to lead a life of resilience on Earth. The installation is a multi-dimensional nano-structure utilizing steel pipe tubing, scaffolding connectors for simple installation and adapt to variations.  

The geometry of the structure is based on Vitruvian Man that measures at 6’ x 6’ x 6’.  The open system has been tested in a series of iterations that include a Jungle Gym, Plant-Lab, Nano-Room and the current iteration “A Structure for Hope and Survival.” The structure also secures the need, for seating, storage, solar panels, grow lights and a stairway to a lookout post.    

Huy Bui’s work pushes towards what he calls “Art and Architecture in the Age of The Anthropocene.”  His body of work weaves thoughts of utopia and dystopia into his built environments.  His ongoing work and collaboration - Plant-in City - explores the cross-section of Plants, Architecture and Technology.  His work with Patrick Parrish Gallery - Geological Frame - looks at how Earth’s artifacts reveal the relationship between topography and the industrial hand of humans.  Bui is a visiting faculty member at Parsons the New School for Design and recently led Street Seats in the Spring of 2016, a public seating program in conjunction with the New York City DOT (Department of Transportation). Bui led the senior year product design in the Fall of 2016, with a curricula based on the theme of Modular Ecology.