Cooler Gallery

Jason Kachadourian

Presenting Ghosts

May 7 - June 14, 2019

Opening May 7th, 7-10pm

“The spirit uses certain objects as resting places from their celestial wanderings” - Jack Whitten

Our objects are vessels, time capsules, placeholders for memories. They can stand in for us in our absence. I invite myself into people’s homes and explore this absence through a series of paintings that disclose information which is normally private. I investigate personal spaces - sanctuaries for their occupants. My visual transmissions become journalistic.

Later, in the studio, I mine the paintings for new information, inferring more detailed paintings and sculptures out of my original approximation of the space. Abstractions in the original portrait are amplified and dark corners are explored. The pieces in this series take on a life apart from their place of origin. I get to experience a sense of touch that re-articulates gesture, texture and presence in space.

I source my materials as closely to naturally occurring as possible, allowing me to find or make many of them myself. All pigments are earth derived and mixed with either egg or lime to make paint. The simplicity of the materials and the complexity of the processes create inconsistencies and imperfections. The tangible means of creation enhance connectivity with the viewer. There is a stillness in the physical presence of the work, a moment extracted from the material reality it seeks to record.

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