Cooler Gallery

John McLaughlin


Opening April 3rd, 7-10pm 

Origins is the first exploration into where Fuzzy Dudes come from: A dystopian and space-like futuristic world full of fur and translucent mountaintops with little to no gravity. This mixed media offering is John's commitment to not relaxing into a particular style but rather creating one body of work that can coexist under a common theme. The world of Fuzzy Dude is eclectic and inviting. The rest is left up to the viewer to decide. 

John McLaughlin is a multidisciplinary artist and director living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from New Jersey, John's work is ever-evolving, with his roots in drawing and oil painting to digital art and now a mixed media approach. His work lately has centered around a character he developed known as Fuzzy Dude. Over the years the character has grown from a triangular-shaped fuzzy head with giant eyes into a full body creature.