Cooler Gallery

Shoko Masunaga

Box, Box, Box

September 3-24, 2019

Opening Reception

September 3, 7-10pm

In this exhibition, the notion of 'weight' is considered and presented through 3 different methods. In recent years, artist Shoko Masunaga has focused on gravity as an element of painting, observing the phenomenon that an object has its own weight as a material, and because of gravity, both falls and lands.

Although she uses canvas in a quasi traditional fashion, the works are perceived in a way that gives them weight. They are assembled like sculptures, inspired by the stacking of boxes and the movement of boxes, speaking formally to the gallery’s context, now housed within the location of a former warehouse. The pieces are conceived with the notion of invisibility in mind; they transform over time or in a box wrapped in canvas. What does it mean to be both visible and invisible?

Shoko Masunaga has been working mainly in Tokyo, Japan, using painting as her base. There are many variations of her work, but the main feature of her work is variability itself, whether in medium or discipline, such as sculpture or architecture. The works can oftentimes be rearranged, and are frequently altered from place to place.

Recent awards & grants include Arts Challenge 2012, Holbein Scholarship 2017, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs Scholarship program of Japan 2018. Her main exhibition in recent years was a solo exhibition at Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito in 2018. She participated in "VOCA-The vision of contemporary art 2017"(The Ueno Royal Museum) by The National Art Center Tokyo curator's recommendation. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Tokyo and across Japan. In addition, she has participated in activities with four female artists as a member of the art collective "Sabbatical Company” since 2015.

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