Cooler Gallery


Group Exhibition

Opens September 6, 2018 7-10pm

September 6 - October 27, 2018

In Partnership with the Brooklyn Clay Tour

We envisioned a show wherein the selected group of artists would each create one piece … an Urn. Urns often have a base, a chamber, a thinned neck, and a cover - but the name refers more to function than form. Urns have been dated back to about 7000 BC and been used to house human ashes, possessions of the deceased, or used in burial rituals.

Each piece would be an extension of the artist’s own body of work and be arranged throughout Cooler Gallery.  Gallery patrons will encounter the works lining the walls of the room - evoking a burial chamber.

The opening will also be the launch party for the Brooklyn Clay Tour and include a panel talk.

Julianne Ahn, Jenny Hata Blumenfield, John Born, Huy Bui, Steven Bukowski, Emily Counts, Demetria Chappo, CW+T, Chiaozza, Laura Donohue, Josephine Heilpern, Monty J, Sophie Lou Jacobsen, Doug Johnston, Jason Kachadourian, Pat Kim, Kin & Company, Gracelee Lawrence, Forrest Lewinger, Rosie Li, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Jemila MacEwan, Lincoln Mayne, Ian McDonald, Elise McMahon, Daniel Michalik, Brett Miller, Yuko Nishikawa, Michele Quan, Mari Ogihara, Aelfie Oudghiri, Jessica Perelman, Mike Perry, Chad Phillips, Signe Pierce, Devon Reina and Peaches Harrison, Minh Singer Farrah Sit, Erin Lynn Smith, Lorien Stern, Joey Watson, Kristen Wentrcek and Andrew Zebulon, Pilar Wiley, Michael Yarinsky, Bari Ziperstein, and Jackie Zdrojeski.